Create Tables with Glue

In this lab we will use Glue Crawlers to crawl the dataset for Flight Delay and then use the tables created by Glue Crawlers to query using Athena. Goto Services and type Glue. Click on AWS Glue. On the Glue console click on Crawlers and then Add Crawler Enter Path: s3://athena-examples/flight/ database: default
Prefix: flight_delay_ Click on Next and then Finish. Once the crawler is created select the crawler and choose Run crawler. Click on that and the crawler will start running. Once the crawler completes crawling you should see 4 tables added. From the Glue Console Click on Databases → Default → View Tables You should now see 4 more tables added to the database. We will now go back to Athena Console and then click on Saved Queries and select Athena_flight_delay_60