Athena Federation

Query Data Anywhere

Run federated queries against relational databases, data warehouses, object stores, and non-relational data stores. Federated SQL queries allow you to query the data in-place from wherever it resides. You can use familiar SQL to JOIN data across multiple data sources for quick analysis, and store results in Amazon S3 for subsequent use. Athena federated query also introduces a new Query Federation SDK that allows you to write your own data source connectors to query custom data stores.

Federated Queries Labs!

Athena uses data source connectors that run on AWS Lambda to execute federated queries. A data source connector is a piece of code that can translate between your target data source and Athena. You can think of a connector as an extension of Athena's query engine. When a query is submitted against a data source, Athena invokes the corresponding connector to identify parts of the tables that need to be read, manages parallelism, and pushes down filter predicates. Based on the user submitting the query, connectors can provide or restrict access to specific data elements. By running exercises from these labs, you will know how to use different Amazon Athena connectors to run federated queries. Having Amazon Athena experience will help but it is not required. Follow the steps one-by-one to complete these labs: