HBase Connector

For detailed information about Amazon Athena HBase Connector, refer here.

Install Athena HBase Connector

Search for “Serverless Application Repository” in your aws account and click on “Available applications“: Make sure “Show apps that create custom IAM roles or resource policies” is marked. Search for “athena federation” and locate “AthenaHBaseConnector” and click on that: For this Athena HBase Connector, there are a few fields that we need to complete:

  • Application name: Leave it as default name - AthenaHBaseConnector
  • SecretNamePrefix: Put hbase-*
  • SpillBucket: Put S3Bucket value from the cloudformation outputs here
  • AthenaCatalogName: Put hbase
  • DisableSpillEncryption: leave it as default value of false
  • DefaultConnectionString: Put HbaseConnectionString value from cloudformation outputs here.
  • LambdaMemory: leave it as default value of 3008
  • LambdaTimeout: leave it as default value of 900
  • SecurityGroupIds: Put EMRSecurityGroup value from the cloudformation outputs here
  • SpillPrefix: Put athena-spill-hbase
  • SubnetIds: Put Subnets value from cloudformation outputs here

  • Mark “I acknowledge that this app creates custom IAM roles” and click deploy: This will deploy Athena HBase connector and you can refer to this lambda function in your queries as “lambda:hbase”