Run Federated Queries

Now that the Connectors are deployed we can run Athena queries that use the connectors:
  • Go to Athena console: Click Get Started.

  • Make sure you are in Workgroup: V2EngineWorkGroup. To use the federated queries feature and other features like User Defined Function (UDFs) and ML Inference, the queries need to run against Athena engine version 2. The V2EngineWorkGroup is configured with the v2 engine. If you are not in this workgroup, click on Workgroup and select V2EngineWorkGroup and click Switch workgroup

  • Click on Saved Queries and Select Sources You should see queries like this: These queries test your Athena Connector functionality for each data source and you can make sure that you can extract data from each data source before running more complex queries, involving different data sources. Select the first query and Click Run query. Once the query executes succesfully you should see the results like this:
  • You can now go back to Saved Queries and try the following queries:

    • FetchActiveOrderInfo
    • ProfitBySupplierNationByYr
    • OrdersRevenueDateAndShipPrio
    • SuppliersWhoKeptOrdersWaiting
    • ShippedLineitemsPricingReport